On 16th and 17th February 2023, the first FORGING workshop on Artificial Intelligence took place in the i2CAT Foundation premises in Barcelona, Spain. Experts of Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology and social sciences, worked together and discussed the human and societal impacts of Artificial Intelligence

Thirty-seven attendants participated in this workshop, 19 of which were guests from EU countries coming from academia, research and technology organisations and 18 members of the consortium.

The attendants identified some opportunities of the AI-based technologies, such as the empowerment of social minorities through digitalization and the new opportunities for innovative business, but also some risks, such as the use of by authoritarian regimes or the impact of new technologies in mental health. They also created a series of narratives to describe the possibilities of AI applications in different future scenarios.

The collaborative discussions, the co-creative approach, and the opportunity of being part of an international and multidisciplinary network: the FORGING Forum were some of the aspects appraised by the participants