FORGING aims at providing a new methodology to assist the development of emerging technologies and accelerate their uptake by industry and citizens whilst being attentive on the impact they may have on the society and the environment.

But how does this strategic work on the technology frameworks and the application of technology in different markets align with European Union Member States’ policies? How do researchers and industry players work in a national context on emerging technologies?

FORGING is organising a workshop on Emerging Technologies for good: National initiatives in Europe, showcasing national R&I project owners who work collaboratively on emerging technologies’ development and their market applications.

This workshop will be a knowledge sharing and exchange platform. Representatives from European national/ regional initiatives in relation to emerging technologies will share best practices and lessons learnt within R&I projects relating to emerging technologies. The workshop will gather project holders from all over Europe, interested R&I stakeholders and representatives from funding bodies.

Join us for this interactive online workshop!