Although the technological frameworks we discussed were very different, it was surprising that there were common themes that surfaced in every workshop. It seems that the need for appropriate regulation is a challenge in all fast-moving technology frameworks, and that the experts see a clear connection between the success of regulation and the quality of the societal implications. A more general tendency that worries experts is the concentration of power, wealth and technological capabilities in fewer hands. This, and other factors, such as the unequal distribution of digital skills, is concerning to the experts, as there are many signs of growing inequality in all directions. Environmental futures are seen as bleak, but there are glimmers of hope as various opportunities for technology-based improvements were identified in the workshops.

To sum up, all six frameworks offer technological approaches that respond to key societal issues. However, not everything is in the hands of experts or dependent on technological developments, as political decision-making and other socio-cultural factors play an important role in enabling the desired development.