As a part of our ongoing efforts with the FORGING project to promote the adoption of technology within both industry and society, teams from INL and i2CAT had the privilege of participating in The Mobile World Congress (MWC) from 26 to 29th February in Barcelona. The MWC is recognized as the largest and most influential event for the connectivity ecosystem. For four days, the congress brings together global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, content owners and people simply interested in the future of tech. With over 101,000 attendees gracing MWC24, the event underscored the pervasive influence of digital technologies, with an impressive 59% representation from adjacent industries. What was once predominantly a telecoms-focused affair has evolved into a melting pot of industries and countries converging to showcase the pinnacle of technological prowess.

Running in tandem with MWC 4YFN emerges as Europe´s most influential startup event, serving as an epicentre for startups, investors , and corporates looking to navigate the dynamic landscape of innovation and cultivate groundbreaking ventures.

During our time at MWC, we engaged with numerous exhibitors and had the opportunity to deliver a presentation on the FORGING project at the Digital Catalonia Alliance (DCA) booth. This interaction not only allowed us to exchange insights with industry leaders but also provided a platform to showcase the innovative strides being made within the framework of the FORGING project.