Scenario workshops organised by the consortium, from the 10th to 12th of May and from the 1st and 2nd June 2023, gathered experts from different backgrounds coming from all over Europe. They worked together to create possible future scenarios on a co-creation approach reflecting on the human, societal and environmental impacts of these technologies.

Agusti Solanas, Professor, University Rovira i Virgili (Spain)

“I started with the FORGING Artificial Intelligence workshop and then continued with the Cybersecurity one, which was so interesting…. Participating in those workshops allowed me to interact with other experts in the field, with different views and perspectives, contributing to the overall understanding of the challenges….FORGING is putting together people with multiple backgrounds in the same room to discuss exciting technologies that will shape our future.

Cristina Latsou, Lecturer in Smart Manufacturing at Cranfield University (UK)

“One key technological framework emphasised in FORGING is real-time-based digital twins and simulation. Digital twins bring relevant issues to the discussion by enabling enhanced productivity and efficiency through real-time monitoring and optimisation of complex systems/processes…By integrating digital twin technologies into the FORGING project, innovative solutions can be developed to address Industry 5.0 challenges. Digital twins offer intelligent and data-driven decision-making, improved productivity, enhanced collaboration, and sustainability. This aligns with the objectives of FORGING and the transformative vision of Industry 5.0, paving the way for a sustainable and technology-driven future.”

Peter Chow, Fujitsu Research Fellow, Innovation for UK public sector (UK)

I think it is the people that make the difference, and this is very innovative in the EU and the FORGING project that we have this workshop bringing both the academic and industry experts to look into the future. I think that’s very important.”

Isabella Tovena, Director Europe and International, Alpha Rlh (France)

FORGING has a very challenging goal trying to find out the future of these emerging enabling technologies…. I think we should more reflecting in terms of systems and systematic approach to tackle all these challenges we have to face of course climate change but inclusivity as well, the demographic problem of ageing people all these subjects are the core of our reflection and innovation“.

Santiago De Diego, Cybersecurity Researcher (Spain)

I had the opportunity of coming here to share my vision about how cybersecurity is going to evolve during the next years and how the future looks  – looking at it from a cybersecurity perspective. What issues we are facing in cybersecurity and how we can deal with them… One of the strong points of the project I think is that it has been able to gather experts from different areas so we get a perspective and we can share our ideas in fields for example I am not aware of“.