FORGING’s value-sensitive innovation journey continues! 

On 16 February 2024, the third Technology Clustering Workshop took place, focusing on Human-machine Interaction (HMI). The specific goals were to co-define evaluation criteria to prioritise enabling technologies, and to establish a priority clustering of the following technologies: (i) Natural Language Processing, (ii) Computer Vision, (iii) Internet of Things (IoT), (iv) Haptic Technology, (v)  E-skin Sensor and (vi) Digital Twin.

Two different sessions of activities were organised: during the first session, participants co-defined scoring criteria to evaluate the technological portfolio; during the second one, they revised the initial portfolio and co-created a priority cluster based on the identified criteria. The human-centred approach was at the very core of the discussion – social and environmental considerations were prioritised during the co-creation process. 

FORGING partners presented the latest project results, consisting of: 

  • The Perspective Cards as project tool aimed at navigating the potential of emerging technologies towards a sustainable and responsible innovation journey; 
  • The Strategic Matrix of technologies developed so far within the FORGING framework. 

On top of that, the experts involved had the opportunity to:

  • exchange views and engage in meaningful discussions with colleagues from across Europe
  • to expand their network
  • to contribute to a technology clustering co-process that allowed them to assist the growth and manifestation of emerging enabling technologies.

What’s next? 

Three new Technology Clustering Workshops are upcoming: 

  • Bio-inspired Technologies and Smart Materials (23/02) – Register HERE 
  • Technology for Energy Efficiency (01/03) – Register HERE 
  • Real-time Based Digital Twins and Simulation (08/03) – Register HERE  

Join us to shape the future of technology and stay tuned!