FORGING initiative launches community of experts to co-create responsible technologies for the future.

FORGING is a EU-funded project aimed at transforming industry and society through accelerating the absorption of novel enabling technologies.

The project has announced the launch of a Forum of Experts who will play an active role in co-creating use cases for emerging enabling technologies. The Forum will start by identifying future challenges and potential technologies that could address those challenges and will proceed to design pathways for its implementation.

Becoming a member of the Forum offers numerous benefits, including being at the forefront of discussions around emerging technologies. Members will also have the opportunity to network with experts from other disciplines and industries, exchange ideas and best practices, and co-create solutions of tomorrow.

In addition, Forum members will contribute to strategic reflections that will be communicated directly to the European Commission. By joining the Forum, members will shape the future of research and innovation.

FORGING is committed to creating technologies that benefit society and the environment, and this community is the latest step in achieving this goal.

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