FORGING has taken significant strides towards its value-sensitive innovation journey with a series of Technology Clustering Workshops. These events were designed to identify specific technologies that are the most promising in terms of human-centricity, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

The workshops covered the six areas of the Industry 5.0: Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Human-centric Solutions, Bio-inspired Technologies, Energy Efficiency, and Digital Twins. The sessions brought together experts from across Europe—including Italy, Finland, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, and Sweden—to co-create a technology landscape that’s not only innovative but also responsible and sustainable.

Key outcomes include the identification of Edge AI, 6G Network, and Ad Hoc Networks as promising technologies in terms of accessibility, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability. For instance, 6G Networks promise enhanced global connectivity with a smaller carbon footprint, while Ad Hoc Networks offer solutions for disaster recovery and rural connectivity, highlighting the potential for digital inclusion.

In the realm of Human-centric Solutions, technologies like Digital Twins stand out for their ability to optimize resource use and energy consumption, thereby contributing to more sustainable industrial processes. Similarly, Bio-inspired Technologies such as artificial photosynthesis is an emerging enabling technology to watch for producing clean energy with minimal environmental impact, demonstrating a perfect blend of efficiency and sustainability.

The outcomes from these workshops represent a key step forward to promote new technological visions and pathways attentive to the environment and society in alignment with Industry 5.0. technological frameworks.

Looking ahead, FORGING plans to extend its co-creation efforts, involving stakeholders from various sectors to explore potential use-cases of these technologies across different industries.