The context

Technological breakthroughs empowered by enabling technologies have a transformation potential that can address industrial and societal challenges, and advance the green and digital transition. To exploit this transformative potential, novel technologies should include value-sensitive considerations such as environmental and societal implications, in compliance with Industry 5.0. goals.


The FORGING Solution

FORGING  breaks linear innovation trajectories to stimulate new technological pathways, attentive to environment and society. This approach, in line with Industry 5.0, focuses on creating human-centered technologies. It aims ultimately in shaping an industry that goes beyond efficiency and productivity as the sole goals, and reinforces its positive impact to society. FORGING recognises technology frameworks (6 Technological Pathways) out of which  use cases are identified to accelerate the use of these emerging technologies.

FORGING Methodology

The FORGING methodology

FORGING catalyses its stakeholder community with 600 active members, from academia, industry, policy makers and civil society. The goal is to organise numerous co-creation sessions, consultations, scenario workshops, and technology and innovation campaigns  to promote technology adoption.

The FORGING Playbook and Toolbox compile materials for exploration, reflection, co-creation and evaluation of emerging technologies. Jointly with the FORGING community, these resources support FORGING as a leading initiative in emerging enabling technologies. Moreover, these tools ensure the usability and replicability of FORGING’s processes widening the project’s impact beyond its lifespan.

FORGING Methodology