FORGING: Innovation towards the digital and green transitions 

FORGING aims to accelerate  a more efficient uptake by industry and society of innovative tech solutions that represent not only industrial or economic opportunities, but also have a positive impact in society and environment.

Why now?

In order to keep its industrial sovereignty, Europe must secure early leadership in these new and emerging enabling technologies.

The FORGING methodology  analyses the current state-of-the-art of these technologies, to envision all possible future scenarios for their deployment, it identifies challenges, needs, risks and potentialities, and promotes a value-sensitive approach for new solutions and their deployment taking into consideration their societal and environmental impact.

Building on this multi-level approach, in line with the European Union priorities, particularly the EU Green Deal, the 2030 Digital Compass, the EU Industrial Strategy and relevant national and regional priorities, FORGING involves experts from various backgrounds to ensure alignment of solutions with needs and anticipating trends to guide industry solutions towards value-sensitive applications. The co-creation method deployed with the Forum of experts aims at resulting in specific use cases with transformative potential.

The FORGING future Playbook and Toolkit represent proactive tools in order to facilitate guidance and materials for exploration, reflection, co-creation and evaluation of emerging technologies.

Get involved ! 

Joining  the FORGING Forum provides access to a series of foresight and open innovation workshops. These activities focus on co-designing a diverse range of potential future scenarios facilitated by the adoption of novel technologies. The Forum discussions highlight the human, social and environmental influences on technology development, aiming to prevent linear future paradigms.