FORGING organised an online workshop on Emerging Technologies for Good: National initiatives in Europe, which received a great attendance.

It was a success event ! 36 participants, coming from all over Europe, attended the webinar that took place on 14 May 2024. We had the pleasure to hear 5 interesting presentations from different speakers about their respective projects on emerging technologies and share their experience and expertise with us, which are the following:

We also had the opportunity to have a presentation on the foresight on emerging technologies and industry 5.0 from the Joint Research Center (JRC).

Furthermore, we evocate some crucial points for the development of the new technologies in the industry 5.0. It was highlighted the necessity of including the human aspect into the technological development work because these technologies posess game-changing features and have the potential to disrupt the paradigsm that we have today. The new technologies advance fast so its relatively important to prepare the society for the near shifts.

We are trully thankful for the involvement and contributions of the speakers and the participants !

The video recording is also available here.

Join us for the next workshop, that will take place in Rome, on “Novel Enabling Technlogies for a Sustainable Future : workshop on Artificial Intelligence and the workshop on cybersecurity.”