The early co-creation workshops within FORGING project marked an important occasion to discuss and exchange with experts on the six technological frameworks at the core of the project, be they:

  • Human-centric solutions and human-machine-interaction
  • Bio-inspired technologies and smart materials
  • Real time-based digital twins and simulation
  • Cyber safe data transmission, storage, and analysis technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Technologies for energy efficiency and trustworthy autonomy

Three days at the premises of the European Commission – DG Connect allowed to further implement the value-sensitive innovation journey by building on the initial desk analysis carried out by STAM on low TRL technologies.

Following a PESTLE analysis and cross-fertilisation activities, the early co-creation workshops led the identification of new keywords valuable for the second round of desk analysis; while favoring the population of the Strategic Matrix. The latter is willing to identify potential application areas, and clusters of technologies per each of the six frameworks.

Overall, the early co-creation workshops represented not only a key step in the progress of the project; but also an occasion to collect experts’ insights and perspectives to be shared at EU level, fostering a bottom-up approach.