What are the emerging technologies, or the technologies of the future, that will foster the green and digital transition, through a more holistic approach, based on a value-sensitive innovation journey?

Willing to further investigate the above-mentioned aspect, STAM led six workshops at the premises of the European Commission DG Connect, targeting the technological frameworks defined in the “Industry 5.0 Policy Brief”:

  • Human-centric solutions and human-machine-interaction
  • Bio-inspired technologies and smart materials
  • Real time-based digital twins and simulation
  • Cyber safe data transmission, storage, and analysis technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Technologies for energy efficiency and trustworthy autonomy

Through six sessions engaging with groups of multi-sector and multi-level experts, the workshops allowed the exchange and identification of emerging technologies, which may become those enabling the transition.

In addition, considering the value-sensitive innovation journey, at the bulk of the project, the discussion has been driven also by a societal and environmental perspective, and its implication within the innovation process.

Overall, the six workshops marked an important step in the project implementation, spurring a bottom-up exercise, while further detecting signals of emerging technologies.