FORGING is embarking on an ambitious second phase of its co-creation journey dedicated to match needs and enabling emerging technologies able to maximise the transition towards a sustainable and responsible innovation future.

With the goal of supporting industry stakeholders in understanding the vast landscape of emerging technologies, FORGING will mobilise an array of participants including technology providers, adopters, and end-users’ associations. This collaborative effort seeks to interpret the context surrounding these technologies, enabling an approach to innovation that is both forward-thinking and grounded in real-world applications.

To reach this goal, FORGING is set to organize six co-creation events to be held between June and November 2024 on: 1. Artificial Intelligence; 2. Cyber safe data; 3. Human-machine interaction; 4. Real-time digital twins; 5. Energy efficiency; 6. Bio-inspired technologies and smart material.

Each event will cover key strategic application and adoption sectors with the objective to identify, for each event, at least one potential use-case within specific industries/sectors.

The results produced during the Technology Clustering workshops will serve as basis for the elaboration of use-cases. These will be identified on the basis of the selected prioritised technologies, while the strategic application and adoption sectors will be considered based on priority application areas identified.

During these co-creation events, the FORGING toolbox will be applied to guide participants through the value-sensitive journey. Participants will be guided through a co-creation process to define problems, brainstorm solutions, and develop actionable plans.

FORGING’s initiative not only fosters the direct engagement of stakeholders with emerging technologies but also ensures that the path towards innovation is marked by sustainability, responsibility, and inclusivity. By facilitating the matching of needs with enabling technologies, FORGING is spearheading the transition towards a future where innovation serves both society and the environment, crafting a blueprint for industries to follow.

Stay tuned to contribute to the future of research and innovation by participate in strategic reflections that will be brought to the European Commission.