Elza Bontempi, PhD and expert in energy efficiency technologies, will be our guest in the next FORGING Podcast to talk about the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition. Elza Bontempi was a speaker at the event on “Research and Innovation for Sustainable Growth : Examining the Bergamo and Brescia Ecosystems” that took place in Brussels on 31 January 2024. Her speech delved into the topic “ Sustainable manufacturing ecosystems”.

Elza is part of the FORGING Forum and actively participated in FORGING last workshop. 

The following event was collaboratively organised by the University of Bergamo, the University of Brescia and the Lombardy Region. The objective was to encourage the research and innovation capacities of the Lombardy Region in Europe, emphasizing its capacity to formulate sustainable development models tailored to diverse territorial characteristics, to tackle significant economic, environmental, and social challenges.

More information on the event: https://errin.eu/events/research-and-innovation-sustainable-growth-case-bergamo-and-brescia-ecosystems