The EU-funded project FORGING, coordinated by the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), has recently joined the Industry 5.0 Community of Practice (CoP) piloting phase that was launched in November 2023. The CoP 5.0 is an initiative established by the European Commission (DG-RTD) to promote Industry 5.0 principles and practices. This initiative aims at providing a platform where members can exchange, create new potential collaborations and share good practices by bringing together a large panel of stakeholders of the EU innovation ecosystem.

FORGING is aligned with the Community of Practice as it:

– proposes a new methodology to stimulate new technological pathways and will be implemented by engaging stakeholders (600 active members), ranging from academia, industry, policy makers and civil society, and establishing a Forum;

– aims to take environmental, societal and human-centered considerations into account from the very first stage of designing new technology frameworks. The

FORGING team released last year an article outlining the relationship between FORGING and the Industry 5.0.

By registering to our Forum, you will be playing an active role in paving the way for the future of innovation !