In September FORGING joined a vibrant community of European Network of Living Labs at the Open Living Lab Days 2023 in Barcelona. FORGING team ran a workshop entitled “Understanding the human dimension of emerging technologies”.

During the workshop 15 participants were grouped in 3 teams and took on the challenge of categorising the ChatGPT generated cards of different human dimensions of the emerging technologies. The teams identified, which dimensions should be the most relevant for analysing the relationship between humans and technology. Lively discussions resulted in three sets of categories of human dimensions of emerging technologies, which were then merged by consensus between the three teams. Finally, the last task was to consolidate the categories of human dimensions of emerging technologies with the compass to guide researchers interested in delving deeper into these issues. The compass was developed based on lessons learned during the 1st year of activities of the FORGING project by Jordi Colobrans, techno-anthropologist from the FORGING consortium.

At the end of the workshop, participants were invited to join the FORGING Forum and participate in FORGING activities exploring collaborative ways to accelerate the adoption processes of emerging technologies through co-creation.

Co-designed by Jordi Colobrans (i2CAT), Brigita Jurisic (INL) and Livia di Bernardini (APRE), the workshop was facilitated by Brigita and Livia, and documented by Marcos Doespiritusanto (i2CAT).