New important steps have been taken lately by FORGING to support the digital and green transitions through human-centered technologies which can bring benefit to society and respect the environment!

Experts and practitioners engaged in co-creation activities during the past two Technology Clustering Workshops:

  • on 23 February, they discussed about Bio-inspired Technologies and Smart Materials, delving into groundbreaking tech such as engineered bacteria, self-healing, and radiative cooling;
  • on 1 March, the main topic was Energy Efficiency and Trustworthy Autonomy, and sub-topics like flow batteries, model predictive control and platooning were further examined.

For each of the two topics, the highly-interactive and cooperative nature of the workshops enabled participants to seamlessly achieve the main goals: the co-definition of criteria to evaluate emerging enabling technologies and the clusterisation of the most promising ones. This process of technology prioritisation aims at promoting those technologies that are not only technically viable but also environmentally sound and socially responsible.

Furthermore, participants were provided with the latest results on both energy-efficient and bio-inspired technologies achieved by the FORGING consortium, namely:

  • the Perspective Cards, aimed at enhancing the understanding of different stakeholders’ perspectives when designing applications of emerging technologies;
  • the Strategic Matrix indicating the potential priority application areas of each emerging technology.

These workshops allowed participants to collect exclusive insights on the most updated project results, to be involved in a co-creation process shaping the future of technology, and to expand their professional network at the EU level.

Overall, they offered a great opportunity for Industry 5.0 practitioners to share knowledge, opinions and best practices with colleagues from across the EU.

The last workshop in this Technology Clustering series will be held on Friday 8 March on Real-time digital twins and simulation.

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