FORGING is making progress towards promoting emerging technologies attentive to the environment, the society and human-centred in line with Industry 5.0.

On 27 and 29 November, two Technology Clustering Workshops were held, on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber safe data respectively. The specific objective of each workshop was to co-produce a priority clustering of the technology portfolio identified so far by FORGING.

A selected group of experts came across a challenging exercise organised into two main sessions. During the first session, the experts have co-defined a set of criteria in order to prioritise potentially sustainable and responsible emerging technologies. FORGING partners presented what is meant by ‘responsible’ technologies within this project. In particular, a number of social and environmental considerations were taken into account such as: openness and understandability, user autonomy as well as energy use and environmental data.

In the second session, the experts evaluated a set of technologies according to the identified criteria and the ones on which the experts finally agreed are given below:

For AI :

Technical: 1. Open data & open algorithm; 2. compliance with security standards; 3. truth and reality checking

Environmental: 1. Edge AI; 2. efficiency of resources; 3. positive ecological performance

Social: 1. Cognitive impact; 2. Accessibility & inclusivity; 3. Workforce transformation

For Cyber safe data :

Technical: 1. Resiliency; 2. Compliance with legislation & technical standards; 3. Scalability & interoperability

Environmental: 1. Circular design; 2. Carbon footprint; 3. Energy sources

Social: 1. Inclusivity & accessibility; 2. transparency & explainability; 3. Fairness

This workshop pattern will be repeated for the other 4 areas of the Industry 5.0 framework:

  • Human-machine-interaction;
  • Bio-inspired technologies and smart materials;
  • Digital twins and simulation;
  • Technologies for energy efficiency, renewables, storage and autonomy.

Stay tuned to have the chance to be the next panel of experts to select and evaluate the most promising technologies in these areas.